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Dismiss all anxiety from your minds. Present your needs to God in every form of prayer and in petitions full of gratitude. Then God's own peace, which is beyond all understanding, will stand guard over your hearts and minds, in Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 4:6-7)

Indeed, God's word is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword. It penetrates and divides soul and spirits, joint and marrow; it judges the reflections and thougts of the heart...... So let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and favor and to find help in time of need.
(Hebrews 4:12,16)


y4jm said...

Please pray for all the youth activities and servants.

y4jm said...

Prayer for Arlan- Lanie Leones OLPSGC

Dear Lord Jesus …

Please heal t.Arlan on his present illness, make him strong and physically in shape once again. Alleviate him from his suffering and lighten every pain, restore his health and make him well again, today and on days to come.

In these crucial times - free him from any doubts and questions on why this has to happen. But nourish his faith and brighten his hope by truthfully believing that You are a healing God.

While this is happening dear Jesus, increase the trust of t.Lanie in You. Cheer her up with the wonderful graces their family already have, please grant the other blessings You have prepared for them now that they needed them most.

Enlighten her faith that in You there is no hopelessness, no disappointments, no failure and most importantly – no death, because You are alive in us and will be alive forever.

That she will endure this present problem by considering it as a single chapter in their family’s long journey to life. In Your magnificence You gave us this beautiful life, let this life be ever magnificent as You are, in their family.

Impart her the confidence that everything is taken cared of. Let her feel that reliance in You is everything that is necessary, let her feel the assurance that what is yet to happen is Your plan.

So that she can continue their family’s dedication to Christian life, including their devotion to HJM servitude. In Jesus’ Holy Name we pray….

Glory be to the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit !!!

y4jm said...

Prayer for Core Members of Youth Ministry

Dedicated to : t. Ronald/Marie Cruz and t. Ben/Malou Andaya
t. Tom/Candy Dris and t.Benjie/Marnie Lumapas
t. Nato / Mel Calumba

We pray that the gift of charity be vested upon the core team – ever ready to help others, extending assistance to those in need, offering self-usefulness for the benefit of the children of God. That they will deliver God’s love and compassion to every children, always tender, warm and kind-hearted.

We pray that each of them submit their will and destiny only to God - surrender their life unto Him. For it is only thru surrendering that one becomes truly humble and capable of serving others. It is only in surrendering that God can fill us with His graces as He can increase in us. It is only in surrendering that one servant can pass on God’s love unto others.

In their commitment to serve Your children, please shower their family with all Your goodness – ever genuine & ever abundant. Bring them under Your constant care and protect them from imminent harm or untoward danger. Clear their mind from destructive criticisms and wicked actions, so that they can try hard and try harder to resist test by the enemy.

Dear God, You appointed these obedient servants and they came in earnest, and so we pray for Your increasing guidance and assistance on them.

Furthermore, we pray that our Youth Ministry Programs set a good example in spreading Christian Life for everyone. You gave these programs for the core member’s use to carry on the works, go on with the services, keep on the faith, remain in love, stay as needed and dwell in Your providence.

We know that serving these children will require : a lot of patience sa mga makukulit, endurance sa mga pikon, persistence sa mga ayaw mag-cooperate, tolerance sa mga tinatamad, kindness sa mga nangangailangan ng pansin, open mindedness sa mga hindi makuntento, forbearance sa mga maseselan.

Sa kanilang paglilingkod, make each rendered service be a bit lighter for them to carry. Relieve them from anxiety about others’ indifference, develop their capability to love others more, alleviate their difficulty in accepting others, ease their burdens when understanding others’ opinion; and enlighten their thoughts when they welcome others.

Let there be one desire in their heart : to please God while administering these programs. That thru them & this ministry – God will be greatly delighted and overjoyed upon every HJM kids, teens; and singles. Thru the efforts of these servants, we pray everyone will be transformed into honest, decent and upright children of God.

Let each core member say “I am ready to serve You thru these children”. In Jesus’ Name we pray…. Amen!

y4jm said...

Dear Lord, I dedicate this whole day to our friend Dinand who is taking his city and guild exams in UK. Please grant him all the knowledge he needs in order to succesfully pass. Please dear Lord.Amen!

Special Intentions : Zenith (thesis), Yang (nursing board), Ghie (good health), Shiela (new work), Jeime (health), Lana & Sharmaine (board results), Cheg (family) and Minnie (new career).

y4jm said...

Prayer for Gie Abanto

Father God, please give Gie one healthy body, mind & soul.

A body strong enough to do two or more tasks at the same time; go to work, catch up in school, spend time with friends, look after the family and partake the goodness of community life. Each one so essential for a beautiful life, each one she has to do on her oneself.

A mind strong enough to process and outdo heavy-duty problems. A mind who can contemplate how to move on; stay in the journey and always expecting for better days to come. A mind that would not just stop living due to defeat or sufferings. But an active mind full of life, ready to stand firm - confronting each day’s battle to survive.

A soul strong enough to stand and lead the community services, be in charge of responsibilities, moving others by good example, putting order to the household – in faithfulness, honesty and dedication. A soul that could never resist reaching others lives, so zealous and eager to embrace every kid and juvenile.

Father God, thank You for giving her a good family, so solid and so resilient. A family that can confidently survive the different form of struggles and endure the assorted kind of problems. To have one very loving mother who never miss to embellish each day with her caring touch. To have thoughtful sisters ever ready to face whatever lies ahead. Standing side by side and as one force – altogether dealing with incoming hardship, daily needs, shortages and sometimes deprivation.

Father God, bless her for all the good service she rendered in HJM. Sanctify her hearth’s desire and her constant intention to serve some more. We pray that the inspiration she has given to others in the community be given back in ten-folds of graces to her whole family.

Father God, have mercy on her. Forgive her shortcomings, strengthen her in overcoming self- weaknesses, and consecrate her from failures and faults she might have done unintentionally. Do not allow her become attracted to materialism, selfishness, pride and worldly attraction. Please deliver her from any bad persuasion, stupidity and self-indulgence. Keep her into Your fatherly protection wherever she may to go, safe and secure.

Father God, reward her with bright future, as she needed this ray of hope now. Provide her opportunity to explore her potentials, allow her to achieve what she has been expecting and yearning in her dreams. You very well know what is into her plans. Give her a clear vision that sometime in the near future, life will be so sweet.

In Your goodness their family can cheer up and stand up each day. Always a brighter day, never minding the troubles already at hand, setting aside the crisis already occurring; forgets the storm – it will just pass by. Your graces keep on coming, constant love and care for one another, inside and outside of the house and wherever they go, there is continuous love.

In Your goodness dear Father, You have given their family more trust, patience and staying power. Continue to bless them all (mother and sisters) with Your passionate love. You have plans for them and we pray that they will be able seize them right now.

In Your goodness we have Gie as one of the good servant of our community. We thank You Father God for she is with HJM and she never cease sharing her hearth and touching others. She may have full of uncertainties in mind, but she also have full of love for You – Father God.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit….

Anonymous said...

thank you po tito for the prayer...naiyak nman ako...-gie

y4jm said...

Prayer for Kuya Bong P.

Yes Lord, akala ko lang na “unfriendly” dahil hindi siya nauunang ngumiti o bumati. Akala ko lang na “argumentative” dahil mahilig magtanong ng palihis. Akala ko lang “intimidating” dahil walang pinipili sa pakikipagtalastasan. Akala ko lang “antagonistic”, “unwelcoming” or “unpleasant”, etc. Behind this fa├žade pala, is a very soft heart, similar in many ways to Your heart - Lord Jesus.

Thank you Lord for his unique obedience, kahit makulit at kung minsan din may pagkarebelde – susunod pa rin kahit gustong sumaway. Sa una-una lang ay magpupumiglas muna, pero kapag nakapagmuni-muni na ay gagawin pa din naman ang nararapat. Thank you for his unpredicted thoughtfulness, kahit masama ang panahon, malakas na ulan o may baha – di naman makakatiis at gagawa ng paraan.

Thank you Lord for his personal opinions, kahit dire-diretso na walang preno-preno at kahit makakasagasa na – palaging may mabuting intention, straight shooter lang talaga. Thank you for his confrontational tongue, dahil nakaka-challenge at nakaka-contribute ng magandang ending sa mga argumento. Thank you for his effective opposition, kailangan ang ganitong ingredient ng istorya para mas kumpleto at mas comprehensive ang samahan.

Thank you Lord for his dependable friendship, kahit nagpapatumpik-tumpik lang – nandiyan pa rin tuwing kakailanganin. Thank you for his steadfast support, kahit paminsan-minsan ay magulo o kasama mismo sa gulo – tutulong pa rin to his best ability.

Thank you for his wonderful prayers, talaga namang magandang mag-pray kapag sineryoso at isina-puso…... Indeed, he is among the many blessings given unto HJM community.

Dear Holy Spirit, please cover him, shield him, refuge him and harbour him each day. Always give him a good place to stay and a good place to live. Teach him to be justly responsible, resilient, faithful, independent, reliable, and truly trustworthy. Forgive his shortcomings instead guide him unto Your decent ways, as You are always behind him in all his undertakings.

Dear Holy Spirit, please take away his apprehension from failures and disappointments, so that he will be more positive when challenged by life. Take away any bad dreams he may encounter, dreams that would make him terrified when waking up in realities. Take away his worries for the responsibilities of daily living, so that he will be brave enough to face his future responsibility (ex. father of his own family). As it should be, let no fear in whatever form disturb him from now on.

Father God, provide him sufficiently and suitably with his needs, maayos na trabaho at kinabukasan. Endow him the correct sensitivity in dealing with others, pang-unawa sa kapaligiran at mga kaganapan. Grant his humble requests and noble desires, so he will be inspired to move on despite complications, nakakalito ang trapiko ng buhay pero kailangang makarating sa paroroonan. Equip him with enthusiasm each day, na ang bawa’t umaga ay siksik ng grasya, at ultimong kape ay kasama sa maraming special na regalong nilaan Niyo pagkatapos ng mahimbing niyang tulog.

Father God, provide him enjoyment in his very own family - ang nanay at mga kapatid na extension ng kanyang buhay. Provide the whole family a filial heart, lahat ay matatag pero may damdaming mapagmahal sa bawat isa. That they continue to take care of each other, enjoy each others company and look after one another’s welfare. Bestow upon them a peaceful home, secured surroundings, healthy life and safe transportation wherever they go (kahit naka-motor).

While in HJM Father God, let him find Your love in every community activity, patuloy na makapagpapasaya at makapagbahagi ng kagandahan ng buhay sa kapwa. Let him find Your protection, security and safety here, sapagkat Kayo rin ang nangangalaga sa mga nagpapatupad ng mga activities na ito. Let him find satisfaction and delight in You, as Your goodness is already manifesting unto K.BongP.’s actions now. We are the witnesses…..

Lo and behold for one sanctified transformation. Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen !

y4jm said...

Prayer For Shepherd of SE-16 Tito Nats/Mel Calumba

This is not coincidental or unplanned, neither fortuitous. This is Your plan, Your gift, and Your grace– our privilege! Beloved Lord, this has only been granted to those whom You selected. It was so clear hearing Your call, You specially wanted us to have this one–SE class 16.

More than ever, this is a gift for us to cherish, a perfect offering for the graces we already have and we are to receive. It reassured us that we are just very near and within reach, You selected us right away. This is one perfect opportunity to be closer to You as You involve us.

Lord, grant us forgiveness and help us start this task with a renewed attitude. Keep us safe from all danger and harm, keep us fortified in spirit as we fight the enemy, and keep us uplifted that we may have enough words of encouragement. Make us more pure and continue to bless us that we may be a blessing to others.

We needed all these because You have assigned these children for us to safe keep and safeguard. We have to deliver You unto them, so that they will increase in You thru us. We will aspire and try our very best, and with You we can surely carry it through.

Please allow a calm journey, placid as they go, softly as they glide their way towards Your side. If they were abused by the past, may we find ways to retrieve their self-confidence. If their hearts are deserted, may we find ways to cheer them up. If they are suffering from defeat, may we find ways to detach them from past frustrations. If they are confused and uncertain of their future, may we find ways that will lead them into Your own plan.

If they are into greediness, still whining and whimpering on today’s materialistic society, may we enlighten them that eternal wealth is neither gold nor money. If they are still into self-indulgence, may we enlighten them that true love is by sharing & serving others. If they are still into a bad relationship, may we enlighten them the joyfulness of a blessed one.

Thru our shepherding, we pray that they start to see sin through God's eyes and acknowledge it as evil. If ever they sin again, we pray that they depart promptly and repent, confess with their mouth their wrongdoing, and seek divine mercy soonest.
Thru our shepherding, we pray a flow down of love into each and every family member in their household - parents, brothers and sisters. We pray for peace, care and joy in their homes. As a “kuya” or “ate”, we desire that they regain kindness, tolerance, compassion, goodwill, benevolence, sympathy, humanity, understanding and generosity within.
You will provide everything and as shepherds we shall not at all worry. Kind assistance will be overflowing, help coming from everywhere - far and wide, contributions will come in, support shall be heart warming and donations will be outpouring,
We will not be disturbed by internal or external trials, and we shall manage problems as if they are small mountains to walk-over. We shall heal each other’s fears, and we shall not bother ourselves by temptations of whatever form. We shall sort out tension with compassion, and we shall not be de-motivated by detractors. We shall confront the enemy … win the battle for Jesus.
May this event be one sweet song in our life’s journey, that one day we will cherish and be so blessed being able to partake it. When this world closes in on us we will remember one great opportunity of loving others, consoling others, and healing others in SE16.
You even died serving us all (others) - JESUS, our Lord and Saviour. In Your Holy Name we pray…. Amen!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much tito bob for the prayers. this means a lot for me... thank you Dear Lord you always knew what's in my heart and in my mind, please help me overcome whatever pains, burdens and heartaches i am feeling right now. Show me the right path for me to touch your forgiving heart. Please make me understand that You are the true answers to all of this. All of this i pray in the name of your true son Jesus Christ..AMEN t2 nats_MMG

miko said...

good day and I wish everybody a very blessed day. I and Mark would like to request for prayers...he's still waiting for his training schedule for Pfizer, I on the other hand would be looking for a new job. Please pray for us. Thank you so much and God bless everyone!

Rino said...

It is just proper to give God all the glory in what had become of the Singles Encounter Class No. 16.

Following is a sharing on how God made the ways in the success of SE 16 sponsoring.

From the very start of my being the shepherd of the sponsoring class (SE 15), you have been listening to my prayers. Just like when i prayed that you send in 23 candidates for SE 15 and you sent in exactly that number (of course, including me but I was one among the candidates anyway).

"Trials" and hindrances came along during the preparations especially on the participation of all the sponsoring class and other people related to the SE. There were times that we needed to cancel reunions because of absences (after the first two reunions that we had with more that 15 on attendance, we averaged 4 attendees for the succeeding reunion). Sponsoring class did not have time to discuss with all the singles/concerned people about how they'd plan as regards the staging of the singles encounter. On our last reunion on the Sunday prior to the sponsoring, we had to plan and finalize for everything - 6 sponsoring class and the shepherd. We spent practically 10 whole hours planning for everything we thought was necessary.

Scheduling a priest for the encounter was not an easy thing to do. First, I contacted a number of priests as early as two months before whom I trusted would be available. Answers came: someone said he could be available just for a day; someone would be available but the place was just too far; someone who were not available said he refer me to other priests whom eventually were also not available. So, hoping against hope, I just sent an invitation to the priests in my phonebook whom I thought not be available and prayed for some response in time for the encounter.

Need not speak about speakers except on one...

As regards to our fundraising activities, we just depended on the signature folders and solicitations (written and oral). Every now and then, the sponsoring class (and those who were given folders and letters) would reported some difficulties on asking people for support and that their folders and letters were not moving. A day before the encounter, we just had about 1/5 of the estimated expenses on hand!

Candidates-wise, it was quite tough to project on the number nor was it easy to keep alive someone's desire to join. Early on, we could count to about 40 with some sort of affirmation about their attendance - and thus, we made ourselves ready for 50 candidates. But on the day before the encounter, condidate count was dwindling.

Logistics arrangements especially as regards the transportation were also a bit of a concern. In absence of confirmation form anyone requiring any transportation arrangements, the sponsoring class did not arrange anthing on the matter - as such would mean additional cost for the sponsoring, with or without anybody actually utilizing the arranged transport (we have contacted some people who could possibly pledge for the transport but no one answered affirmatively, anyway).

Thus, all was set for the encounter - no matter what we had on hand.

Then God sent in progressively:

Father Peter Eugenio, who did decline on all invitations prior to this encounter and who was attending a seminar outside Metro Manila, called me up and confirmed with me his attendance for both days!

On the lifesharer: we considered a number of speakers but ruled out because of reasons - Onang Revillame because he claimed he would sponsor a candidate; Che Diaz because practically she was not that active and she did not respond anyway; Bong A and Dex Manreza because they had not revised his talk and had not been presented to the speaker's bureau and Dex. Then, we met Drew Sadie during the wake of her grandmother. And as sudden as the meeting was arranged (singles music group for mass), I popped the question to Drew if she's be available and willing to do lifesharing - and she said yes without hesitation! And we didn't thought of Drew for the lifesharing before that meeting!

12 sponsoring class members in attendance in the Encounter;

the whole pastoral team with the ministry head and singles program head;

7 speakers/presentors;

10 auxiliaies;

12 singles music members;

And, 20 candidates!

Overflowing food for all - with a lot of excess!

And then came the question : Would we be able to go home without any debt? Money came in progressively during the registration time on Friday night, and on Saturday. We woke up in the morning of Sunday (for me, after less than an hour of slept for the past two days) with just more than half of the required expenses - that morning, it seemed that no more money coming in from those who were there already and that any more money would be coming from those outside still. Then, some participants started to give in some contributions; some visitors came in and gave in some more contributions. And at the end of the activity - WE WENT HOME WITH SOME EXTRA!

Thus, what can one say?


Certainly, God did make the ways.


Rino Asiao
SE 16 Shepherd
Singles Pastoral Head

y4jm said...
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y4jm said...
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y4jm said...

Prayer for Ate Miles S.(a.k.a - Diosa)

Prayer for Peace of Mind

My dear Jesus, I have a lot of things on my mind and wondering why I always find myself distressed about the future - what shall be life ahead. Do I need to worry about my own, my health, my family and my friends? Do I need to be troubled about my career, what others may say on my back, or the traffic or even the weather outside?

Haven’t I received the gift of self-assurance - enough to take away weariness, able to lift up in faith. Didn’t I had self-confidence - enough to recharge my low energy, rest in tiredness and make a calm sleep. Don’t I have commitment - enough to deliver Your calling – joyful in service. Can’t I listen to Your daily message?

My dear Jesus, help me be enlightened on what troubles me alot; to understand this life I am shaping all by myself. I would like to know what am I scared of, temptations? I would like to discover what brings me back to my typical sins, stubbornness? I would like to learn how to put right my shortcomings, confessions? I would like to discover how to stay by Your side all the time, thrust?

I know that everyday is an opportunity for me towards renewal …even perfection. I never intended to hide myself, or build a wall around to avoid confronting my fears. I never planned to be over-sensitive, or install an automatic shutter whenever I am threatened. I desire to be as transparent as You are my Lord, as I never wanted to walk too far away from the flock of the Good Shepherd.

My dear Jesus, You are my redeemer …..Today, I shall let go of these fears, doubts, worries and suspicions. I will surrender my thoughts only to goodness and would build my faith stronger each day. I shall secure & fasten my whole life unto Your power and majesty.

Thank You for constant guidance, ushering me to deal with daily life – including its adventures and struggles. Thank you for allowing me to hold-on to this life and shape it with my own options. Thank You for the good graces: wisdom, knowledge, hope, encouragement, consolations, loyalty & success.

I recognize and claim them all, and I shall make use of them for this life, my family, my friends and this community. I am listening now… as I desire to be Your humble servant.

Father God - Thy will be done!

By: Tito Bobbie J.