This is the testimonial to the Lord for what He has done, and yet still He does... So let us rock the world with our words, touch others heart up to the Creator, keep our faith to spark the weak up, strengthen their heart. Our testimonies do speak aloud!

"You will receive POWER when the HOLY SPIRIT has come upon you;and you will be my WITNESSES" (Acts 1:8)


Rino said...

Let me count a way:

Almost two years after I joined the community through the Singles Program, my parents had a vacation from the US. Not very long after arrival, my father suffered the onslaught of osteoporosis on him (which caused him great deal of pain in every small movement, we cannot even touch him). He was bedridden for most of their 6-month vacation.

One time when I was home, tears held back (my father and me), I silently and secretly prayed over him on his bed, "God, please heal my father. Grant him a longer healthy life." Less than couple of months after, he looked as if nothing happened to him (trustfully a full recovery / mitigation of the effects of the condition) and was able to travel back to the US on his feet.

Of course, a part of my prayers still dedicated to my parents (who both are at their 70's) - that longer healthy lives be bestowed upon them despite of the health complications caused of their old-age.

In God, we remain.

Rino Asiao
Pastoral Head - Singles
(Singles Encounter Class No. 2)

Rino said...

And another way...

My brother and his family used to live in Singapore, as he had his work there and so was his wife. Early on, my brother and his wife would get home for special occassions or for a well-deserved vacation until later that my brother would get home either by himself or with his two sons - no wife tagging along. And that went on for quite along time.

Every time that my brother gets home without his entire family, I sensed and I felt his loneliness for not being with his family, his desperation and deep desire to be with his family especially for occasions where families were supposed to be together - his mere silence and blank stares would just too painful a site to observe.

Such feelings were aggravated with his transfer to Taiwan, leaving his family behind in Singapore while waiting for their travel papers and while getting himself settled in his new environmwnt.

Then I learned the reason why his wife could not come home - a civil case was filed against her, which caused her to be included in a watchlist for arrest. For this, she would not dare coming home, frightened that she may land in jail and woul not be allowed to go back to her family. Although they have exhausted a lot of money and resources, the case dragged on leading almost to nothing at all.

Upon learning this, I also included my brother's case in my prayer list. Sensing and feeling the pains the case was causing, I contacted a distant relative and a lawyer friend, made necessary arrangement for him to take over the case and loh! In less than three months, the case was settled!

Then, a bit later, we were fetching my brother and his entire family in tow!

Wow, isn't that amazing?!

y4jm said...

from tito bob......
My Prayers for Others and My Lord Jesus

One time, during one of the activities we attended at the HJM center, the community informed everyone that one of our members was suffering from an acute cancer and in 2-months time, his life would be in danger. Everyone was enjoined to pray for him.

Upon returning home, I obediently offered prayers for him every night without a single miss. Within 2 months, I did not hear about his condition because I was assigned in our project in Pagsanjan, Laguna at that time, nevertheless I continue praying.

Exactly on the 60th day of my prayer, I was restless and asked Lord Jesus about his condition and I prayed “Lord, I am not sure if our brother is getting well or not, but I shall continue praying for him and in Your holy grace, I believe You will answer our request for healing… Jesus”.

After saying my prayer, I simply retired to sleep as it was already about 9:30PM. This was my routine everyday while staying in Pagsanjan, at saka sobrang pagod din ako that day from work.

Suddenly at around midnight, I voluntarily stood up from bed, went outside the room dire-diretso sa sala, grabbed the TV remote control and opened the television set.

Lo! Our brother was being interviewed on TV News-Channel 2 and he was saying he is fine and continue recovering together with other patients in the ward. It was just a 1-minute interview; and the timing was perfect when I clicked the channel.

My good Lord… nanindig ang lahat ng balahibo ko literally! Just a few minutes ago I was asking our Lord Jesus whatever happened to the man I offered prayers into, and now here I am, watching him on TV assuring his viewers he is ok!

Hindi naman siya artista bakit siya nasa TV? Bakit ako nagising at tumayo first time? Bakit ako basta na lang nanood ng TV at duon pa sa channel na iyon eh very loyal ako sa Channel 7? Bakit nung 1 minute na iyon at eksaktong tiyempo, from commercial to commercial? Mismo! Sino ang may gawa nito!

This is not accidental, I am 101% sure our Lord Jesus worked in me that night. He gave me confirmation that He saw me praying and He saw my restlessness, and so He responded & guided me. I am with Him!

Outright, I was wonderfully transformed towards pray-fullness! He is alive and working in us everyday all the time! We encounter our Lord in every single prayer we offer for others.

This is one of my special encounters why I decided to become a Prayer Warrior.

cherry_gomez12@yahoo.com said...

I've been in the community for five years now... The community taught me so many things in my life; the most important of them all was when I developed my personal time & prayer with our savior Jesus Christ.

Yes! Those years were not easy! It almost crashed me to the ground!!! But I thank above for sending me instruments in the persons of my Tito's & Tita's of the community that in one way or another been my family especially those times when I am down & could not seek help/advise for my own family for the reason that I don’t want them to see me in pain...
Also I want to thank as well my shepherd "Tito Bob" for the countless prayers he has done & is continuously doing for me...

Through those years I stand firm & strong because GOD never leave my side...

Also taking this opportunity to say:
My apologies for I am not visible lately... Few people knew what I am undertaking & thanks for your understanding...I definitely not taking the community for granted, I just need to stabilize my new work... & Am trying to attend community service if it fits my schedule...You just don’t know how much I missed my community service but I know God will make things fall into place for me...

Thanks to the People of GOD...
Thanks for HJM Prayer Community...

- cHeG - (--,)

chino said...

Hi, I’m Kuya Onich,

A Godly day to all...

Please allow me to share a little testimony of my life with Jesus.

Throughout the years, before I entered the community my faith with Jesus has been unstable. I never give a trust of 100% to Him in everything I do. Therefore, I’d always depend on my own strength and the strength of my resources to fulfill my goals. I never back down or stop until my personal goal had been accomplished according to my own level of satisfactions. During that time, I’d always been in pain because I believed in myself to much that I’d avoid to speak or talk about my feelings to anyone, even to the closest members of the family. Not because I decided or choose not to, but because I just simply don’t know how? When is the right time to tell? And whenever chances come, it always turned out into a heated argument and ended up into a fight or gap between the members.

Therefore, every time I am faced with unpleasant comments coming from the inside and outside of our family. Were most of the time it produced emotional hurts and difficulty in understanding. I put everything inside my heart, bearing and healing it, in time alone with me. I never tried also to go to church or visit anyone to have it release or somehow to confess it with a priest regarding my failures and disappointment with people around me. Due to these, I have creative a vast anger inside my heart and ready to explode, whenever people will try to attack me?

I always felt alone because of my failure to identify the Love of Jesus to his children and his own ways of making them understand. Until one day, when I was about to go home from work? I realized that may contract have been ended and it is my last day on that day. So while going out from the building were I work, (were I do not do often) I take my chances to look back and appreciate the aesthetic beauty to the place were I am about to leave. I surely say to myself, how wonderful it is to work here and having all the opportunities and the people? Where I wanted it to be also? But what I can do? It is not for me to decide but the people who are above me?

From that day onward, a wisdom coming from Jesus jumps into my mind and ask. What about your soul? Did you try to stop and look back the same way you do now and appreciate the beauty were it does not fade or leave you empty?

From thereon, I realized what I have been missing? Thank you Jesus!

Have a Good and Godly day to all.