for the Singles Encounter Class 25


SE24, in preparation for them sponsoring SE Class No. 25, hereby humbly asks everybody's support in any ways each can extend (prayers, candidates, resources, finances and any other forms) in order to have a successful and fruitful sponsoring - not only to the candidates but also to the working team and everybody else.


SE Class 25 Sponsoring will be on 20-22 May 2011

at Our Lady of Antipolo retreat House

Antipolo City, Rizal .


Glorify God! Take part in the service to our brothers & sisters. .

Be. One. Of. Us. In. Christ.

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harvey yuuup said...

hahaha ako unang nag comment, hehe,,, i had a lot of fun, sobra, thank you sa SE 23,, sobrang cheesy nyo samin, ^^ thank you sa pagaalaga, thank you sanyo lahat,

nga pala, pa upload po ng mga pics, hehe, thanks,! ^^

god bless,
Good night. ^^