It's been a couple of years now since the last time I went to an institution for a charity work. Ang sarap ng feeling na bumalik sa ganitong service.Matagal ng hinintay ng mga teens (SADE) ang ganitong activity, at sa wakas ay natuloy rin. Medyo mabilisan ung preparation,but thank God everything went well nman. Salamat din sa mga teens na nakapunta at tumugon sa sandamakmak kong reminders.hehe...

***This activity is no longer new to me,and I believe for some as well. I've had a lot of these types of activities when I was still in STC (St. Theresa's College). We've gone through diff institutions-for children,adults,sa may mga kapansanan, daycare centers and even sa street children. Our school made us aware and opened our eyes to these people's situations in life, as early as gradeschool-w/c i'm really grateful of. But what made this activity different from the previous ones that i've had is the realization.

These children made me realize that the problems or challenges that I'm encountering are a lot smaller compared to what they're experiencing,though some of them may not notice it yet. There were certain times in my life (some just very recently), when I felt like giving up with everything. With all sorts of pressure, stress, and problems that I need to deal with, I felt like I was doing nothing, nor I am making any difference with my life, as well as with my family's. I even once thought that everthing in me is failing. I've always been disappointed with myself every time I'm unable to do the things that I need to do and the things that I said or promise I will. But looking at these children, they're telling me that there's no reason for me to give up or even feel down, for I HAVE MY FAMILY. I have my family whom I can run to whenever feel tired, stressed and blue. My family who can give me happiness more than anyone else. A family that makes me feel at ease just knowing that they're there. A family that these children never experienced to have. They may call the people who are taking care of them or the people in that orphanage as their family, but living and growing up with your biological family is a different thing. It's different when you get to experience the love of a father and of a mother. I pity them somehow because of that..on the other hand, I envy them for they see life in a positive way and they are content with what they have. Unlike almost all of us, these kids never wanted more, than love and attention. Love and attention that should have been given by their own family. I see these children as God's instruments for us to appreciate everyone that we have in our life, especially our family. We also need to learn to love and give them importance and not to take them for granted.

Sana maulit ulit ang ganitong activity and I hope more people will make them feel God's unconditional love.

Gie Abanto (Teens)


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Thank you very much for the wonderful sharing.

Keep up the faith and God bless you.


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thank you po tito...
God bless you and your family as well..